Institute of International Relations

Foundation: The Faculty of International Relations of Kyiv University was founded in 1944 - reorganized in 1988 into the Institute of International Relations and International Law. In December 1990 it became the Institute of International Relations.

Departments: International Relations and Foreign Policy, International Organizations and Diplomatic Services, Country Studies, International Law, International Corporate Law, Comparative and European Law, Global Economy and International Economic Relations, International Finance, International Business, International Information, International media communications and communication technologies, Foreign Languages.

Structural units: 2 laboratories, Department of Postgraduate Education, Academic Library, Institute Museum.

Majors: International Relations, Public Communication And Regional Studies (within study programmes: International Relations, International Communication, Country Studies, Foreign Policy, International Journalism, International Regional And Cultural Studies, East European Studies, International Communication And Global Media); International Law (within study programmes: International Law, International Private Law, International Litigation, International Trade Regulation, European Business Law); International Economic Relations (within study programmes: International Economic Relations, International Business, International Finance And Investment, International Entrepreneurship, International Management And Marketing).

Specializations / educational programmes: Strategic Studies, International Political Expertise, Diplomacy and Diplomatic Service, International Organizations and Integration Processes, European Studies, International Public Law, Private International Law, European Law, International Finance, Global Economic Conditions, International Commerce, International Economic Policy, the European Economy Integration, Business Administration, Management, International Business, International Marketing, International Information Management, International Media Communications (media analyst), International Communication Technologies, International Investment, International Ecological Law.

Principal: Valeriy Volodymyrovych Kopiyka, Professor, Doctor of Political Science.

Hall of Residence availability: yes

Courses offered in a foreign language: on the English-language master's programs Master's students have the opportunity to study training subjects exclusively in a foreign language.

Double-degree program: University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

Famous alumni: Petro Poroshenko (1965) - The fifth President of Ukraine (2014- today); Mikhail Saakashvili (1967) - The President of Georgia (2004-2013); Volodymyr Martinenko (1923-1988) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR (1980-1984); Volodymyr Kravets (1930-2011) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR (1984-1990); Hennadiy Udovenko (1931-2013) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (1994-1998), The President of the 52nd session of the UN General Assembly (1997-1998); Borys Tarasyuk (1949) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (1998-2000, 2005-2007); Volodymyr Ohryzko (1956) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007-2009); Sergiy Holovatyi (1954) - The Minister of Justice of Ukraine (1995-1997, 2005-2006), Sergiy Kurykin (1959) - The Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (2001-2002); Igor Shevchenko (1971) - The Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (2014- today).

Address: 04119, Kyiv, 36/1 Melnykova Str.

Tel: 481-44-37

Fax: 483-10-43



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