Military Institute

Specialities and Educational Programmes for Bachelor's Degree:

Specialities and Educational Programmes for Master's Degree:

Specialities and Educational Programmes for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:

Educational Subdivisions:

  1. Military Faculty of Humanities and Linguistics:
    • Department of Foreign Military Information
    • Department of Military Journalism
    • Department of Military Pedagogy and Psychology
    • Department of Military Translation and Special Linguistic Training
  2. Military Faculty of Finance and Law:
    • Department of General Military Subjects
    • Department of Finance and Law
    • Department of Surveying Support
  3. Faculty of Military Training (Reserve Officers Program for citizens of Ukraine):
    • Department of Economics and Financial Support
    • Department of Military and Humanitarian Training
    • Department of Military and Technical Training
    • Department of Military Law and Special Linguistic Training
    • Department of Tactics and Combined Training

Research Units:

Training Centers:


Administration of the Institute

Phone: +38 (044) 521-32-92, +38 (044) 521-32-89, +38 (044) 521-35-97
Fax: +38 (044) 521-32-92


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