Pre-university study

The pre-university training program will fill the "gaps" that are inevitable when transitioning from your educational system to Ukraine's one, and successful completion of the curriculum will ensure you become a full-fledged student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv or any other higher educational institution in Ukraine.

Pre-University training consists of two parts: language training and study of general disciplines; and is carried out in four directions: humanitarian, engineering, economic, and medical and biological. The total number of study hours is 1134 hours per each direction per year.

Language training

Studying Ukrainian, Russian or English takes place throughout the pre-university training curriculum. Depending on the chosen direction of study, the minimum number of suggested study hours spent on language learning is 720, that ensures the level of language proficiency at B1 level.

According to the pre-university curriculum, for the first 11 weeks, you are studying the language only for 30 hours per week, and only after the acquisition of the required level of language general disciplines are added to the curriculum, the number of language hours is gradually decreasing.

Study of general disciplines

Starting from the 12th week of training according to the direction you have chosen, the following curriculum will be added: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Drawings, Geography, Fundamentals of Economics, Basic Informatics, Economic and Social Geography, basics of Ukrainian and Foreign Literature, History of Ukraine, etc.

By studying all these disciplines, you deepen your knowledge of these subjects and learn special terminology in Ukrainian, Russian or English, that is the next stage in learning a language as it is.

On average, 60 hours are spent on studying each of the general disciplines in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

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