First Vice-Rector of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,
Professor, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics,
Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Science, Ukraine
Oleh Kalenykovych Zakusylo

Oleh Kalenykovych Zakusylo

Tel. / Fax (+38 044) 239-32-70

After leaving the Republican Physics and Mathematics boarding school in 1965, which was under the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, with a gold medal for achievement, Oleh Zakusylo entered the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the University. In 1972 he graduated with a postgraduate degree from the Department of Probability Theory at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. He started work in 1972 as an assistant, then became a senior lecturer, later associate professor, and then professor. Between 1987 and 2004 he was Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics, and in 1990 he was made Head of the Department of Operational Research. He was appointed Vice-Rector for Academic Research in 2005 and in 2008 became the First Vice-Rector of the university.

For nearly 20 years Oleh Zakusylo has been actively working in the theoretical and practical aspects of the application of leading-edge IT in the educational process. This has resulted in the introduction of new specialised tuition areas, disciplines and curricula at the Faculty of Cybernetics, and the creation of new educational programmes, which are considered exemplary by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Several electronic textbooks for university students, "Algebra", "Operational Research", and "Discrete Mathematics", have been published under the supervision of Oleh Zakusylo.

Oleh Zakusylo is Head of a Scientific Centre called "Theory of stochastic systems and applied statistics" dealing both in pure and applied science. The key research areas of the Centre include: the theory of stochastic systems and asymptotic analysis of stochastic models, queuing theory, theoretical and applied statistics, theory and statistics application processes, multivariate statistical analysis, theory of distribution, software and algorithmic methods of applied statistics, theory and experiment planning its applications in economics, sociology, medicine and technology, the practical implementation of statistical methods.

Oleh Zakusylo is an Honoured National Educationalist of Ukraine, and has been awarded the Order of Merit at levels II and III, as well having received a Petro Mohyla medal. He is the author of over 130 scientific and educational works.

His list of scientific publications includes the following highlights:

1. Закусило О.К. Загальні процеси збереження з адитивним входом / Закусило О.К. - К.: Наукова книга, 1998. - 133 с.
2. Закусило О.К. Зауваження про характеризацію глобальної поведінки процесу з незалежними приростами / Закусило О.К.// Український математичний журнал. - Т.52. - №9. - с. 1205-1207.
3. Zakusylo O.K.Optimal choice problem in no-return situation / Zakusylo O.K., Dotsenko S.I. - Abstr. of Intern. Conf. on Prediction and Decision making under Uncertainties, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2001.
4. Закусило О.К. Марковські процеси з напівдетермінованими частинами траєкторій / О.К. Закусило. - К.: вид-во Наукова книга, 2002. - 183 с.
5. Zakusylo O.K. A problem of optimal choice with possible returning / Zakusylo O.K., Dotsenko S.I. - Abstr. Conf. Stochastic and Dynamical Systems, 2003, Ukraine.
6. Закусило О.К. Система М/G/1 з дисципліною обслуговування найдовшої вимоги в умовах великого завантаження / Закусило О.К., Лисак Н.П. - Вісник Київського університету, сер. Фізико-математичні науки. - 2001. - №4. - С. 246-250.
7. Закусило О.К. Про деякий багатовимірний процес збереження / Закусило О.К., Лисак Н.П. - Теорія ймовірностей та математична статистика. - 2004. - №71. - с. 72-81.
8. Закусило О.К. Про одну систему масового обслуговування з послідовним обґрунтуванням // Закусило О.К., Лисак Н.П. Теорія ймовірностей та математична статистика. - 2005. - №72. - с. 24-29.

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