The Pre-University Department

Foundation: The Pre-University Department starts from 1969 as a unit available for the university preparation training. Since 1998, the Department has been training both foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. Since 2012 the School has been preparing the pupils from the graduation classes to the Independent Testing as well as to the enrollment in the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Optical and Mechanical College, and Geological Exploring College of Kyiv. The courses help the pupils to update and improve their knowledge obtained in general education secondary schools, and provide to get extra credits to those, who are going to enroll in the Natural Sciences Faculties of the University.

Training Forms:
- For the students enrolling at the University of Kyiv: full-time courses, evening courses, Saturday courses, spring vocational classes, summer school;
- For the Colleges applicants: evening courses (different periods of study), summer vocational training.

Students have an opportunity to improve their knowledge in the following disciplines: Ukrainian; Ukrainian Language and Literature; Biology; World History; Geography; Foreign Languages (English, Spanish, German, French); the History of Ukraine; Mathematics; Russian Language and Literature; World Literature; Physics; Chemistry; Creative Competition for “Journalism” applicants; the Earth and Man (Elective Course).

Head: Iryna V.Lyashenko, Ph.D in Philosophy, Associate Professor.

Hostel Housing Availability: Students enrolled full-time, spring vocational term, and summer school term have been provided with hostel rooms in the campus.

Address: 60, Volodymyrska Street, Room 165, City of Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601;
4, Glushkov Ave., Rooms 711, 612

Tel.: (044) 239-31-08, 239-36-46; 521-35-82, 259-70-20

Fax: (044) 239-32-63; 259-05-41



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