Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University College of Geological Prospecting Technologies

Foundation: Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University College of Geological Prospecting Technologies was founded on July 31st 1930 according to the order of the Geological Headquarters of the USSR National Economy Supreme Council.

Cycle commissions:
Socio-economic subject matters, Philological subject matters, Physics and Mathematics, Electrical and radio engineering and computer technology, Geological subject matters, Hydrogeology and engineering geology, Ecology, Geophysical methods, Techniques of prospecting and labour safety standards, Motor transport and general-technical subject matters, Accounting, financial and economic subject matters and office management, Physical training.

Specialties and specializations: Search and prospecting by geological methods, Search and prospecting by geophysical methods, Geophysical borehole survey, Computer processing of geophysical data, Search and prospecting by hydrogeological and engineering-geological methods, Applied ecology, Operation and maintenance of geophysical devices and equipment, Well drilling, Servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles and engines, Office management, Accounting.

Director: Tetiana Zavertalyuk

Availability of dormitory: Yes

Famous alumni: Galetsky Leonid Stanislavovich (1953 graduate) - Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, professor, academician of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, academician of Ukrainian Ecologic Academy,corresponding member of Eurasian International academy of Sciences, academic council and special council member of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Head of geology of mineral resources department of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences Institute of geological sciences.

Gursky Dmytro Serhiyovich (1968 graduate) - Candidate of Geological Sciences, an expert in prognostication, research and development mining, in economics of mineral raw materials, in organizing of geological prospecting industry. D.S.Gursky is the author of numerous scientific works; he is the main project officer of the "Conception of upgrading of mineral raw materials base as the background of stabilization of the economy of Ukraine" and the conception of restructuring of "Geology and mineral wealth prospecting" sector.

Kobolev Volodymyr Pavlovych (1968 graduate) - head of laboratory at the university geophysical department, as the General Director of Closed Joint-Stock Company "Institute of Applied Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" , head of the department of seismologic methods and physical properties of Earth matters at S. I. Subotin Geophysical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Krasnozhon Mykhailo Dmytrovych (1961 graduate) - Doctor of Geological Sciences, Academician of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy (UOGA), head of UOGA geophysical department ,deputy director (science work) of Ukrainian State Geological Prospecting Institute.

Ponomarenko Oleksandr Mykolayovych (1970 graduate) - Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Earth Sciences, member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, director of Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore named after M.P. Semenenko (IGMO named after M.P. Semenenko) NAS of Ukraine, head of department of isotope geochemistry and isotope mass spectrometry of the Institute.

Romashchenko Mykhailo Ivanovych (1967 graduate) - PhD (technical science), professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, director of Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

Shovkoshytniy Volodymyr Fedorovych (1975 graduate) - Ukrainian poet, novelist, essayist, social, political and public figure, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, honorary professor`s assistant at the University of South Florida (USA), co-author of the major state-acts of Ukraine, among them - Declaration of Sovereignty of Ukraine , declaration of independence of Ukraine and the Constitution of Ukraine, a founding member of the Democratic party of Ukraine, deputy head of the party "Sobor", President of the International organization "Union Chernobyl" (1990-2003), co-founder of the Ukrainian ecological Association "Green world", first Deputy Chairman of the National Union of writers (NSPU), author of numerous collections of poetry, books, music albums, author and co-author of film scripts.

Address: 03150, Kyiv, 9, Barbiusa Anri Str.

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